• “It’s only when you use the past in order to look into the future that you can live” Ezio Pizzi, Unionberg OP, Association of Italian Bergamot Producers.

  • “If the world would come to an end, that’s all I would need” (a nice scent) Charlie Benton, Senior Designer at Bebe.

  • Study of bergamot farming & livelihood resilience in Calabria, Italy.Watch here “Ritorno Al Futuro” HD English/Italian

  • “I like to buy things that no one else would buy and then reimagine them.

  • You can train your eye that way” NYC Floral designer Olivier Giugni. “Well same here”, says Laudamiel, “I love using ingredients no one likes or uses to actually create new delectable effects. You can train your nose that way.”

  • “What would intelligence be without memory?” Patricia de Nicolaï, President of the Osmothèque in Once Upon a Time … Perfume. Éditions du Garde-Temps, 2009.

  • Tom Ammons, Affinity Advantage Insurance broker, once started his monthly newsletter with the statement: “When dealing with a volatile market, sometimes the most difficult challenge is to manage your emotions.” We could agree with that and may even have an answer: – Well, get a perfumer. They certainly know aboutmanaging emotions and volatiles.

  • “Perfumers create today the memories of tomorrow.” Denise Beaulieu, Grain de Musc , 2011