Air Sculpture®


We create Air Sculpture® fragrant designs to bring as much excitement or comfort as state-of-the-art lighting or music to your environment. The term Air Sculpture® was coined by us to convey the idea that a scent is built exactly like a sculpture. Different refined facets and volumes are combined, chiseled or polished to represent a whole world of impressions in a 3-dimensional, delightful reality.

From a single scent solution to a multiple scent journey to be discovered throughout your building, we can create, design and build Air Sculpture® components depending on your priorities, preferences and needs. Utilizing complex air-curtain systems and adjustable intensity levels, defined spaces can be differentially scented: all the way from fresh-air to strongly scented.

We like to use Plume Scent solutions to fragrance spaces through HVAC systems, servicing small or large areas, including retail stores, lobbies, hotel rooms, conference rooms and other public or private areas. World-leading proprietary technologies are incorporated into our fragrance players, ensuring your scent reaches its target space in a totally delicate and gentle form. All this, at the right time, the right strength and respecting even the most fragile and precious of ingredients.

The Plume Scent Solution provide a number of advantages:

  • PLUME scent devices can be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems.

  • Our scent sources emit a consistent beam of micron to submicron size particles allowing almost immediate vaporization into the air. This means a homogenous diffusion of the scent and negligible contamination of the ducts or floors at the spray sites (which doesn’t happen with larger droplets).

  • Finer particles and faster evaporation into the air mean less fragrance consumption at equal perfume impact, or more impact at equal perfume flow. This allows you to save on monthly perfume consumption or to invest more into the perfume quality.

  • Our technology will ultimately confine the scent in an airtight cartridge to prevent fragrance oxidation. It has no heated components, protecting even the most fragile of scent ingredients and ensuring freshness.

  • Our technology strives to preserve scent integrity until released into the air by minimizing or suppressing the differential flashing-off of fresh volatile notes and limiting the recycling of the heavier notes back into the cartridge. The fragrance thus remains balanced – as originally created by Nature or by the Perfumer.

  • Because of our safety and freshness-guaranteed packaging and our unique relationships with regulatory authorities, the perfumer can use a larger variety of perfume ingredients and dosages for a wider spectrum of creativity.

Unique Partnership

We Offer A Unique Alliance In The History Of Perfumery

Close partnerships are essential when unchartered territories are to be explored. 

Very particular resources and talents need to be assembled in order to solve the challenges that inevitably arise with the pursuit of true innovation.