Christophe Laudamiel is a Master Perfumer, scent composer, writer and chemist champion. One of only a few hundred members worldwide of the International Society of Perfumers-Creators. In 2017 he received the first lifetime achievement award ever given by the Institute of Art and Olfaction in Los Angelas for his "Exceptional Contribution to Scent Culture." See Christophe's other awards, including perfumistic and scientific awards. His complete osmography is listedon Christophe's Wikipedia page.

He has co-created top 10 fragrances or award winners such as Polo Blue for men by Ralph Lauren, Happy Heart by Clinique, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Design by The Zoo, Richmess by Ryan Richmond, Saskia by Grandiflora as well as scents for Beyoncé, Burberry, Helena Christensen-Strangelove NYC, Tom Ford (Amber Absolute and Amber Nude EdP’s), Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2010 he founded DreamAir LLC, a boutique perfume studio, focusing solely on innovative projects in fine fragrances, ambient signature scents as well as artistic or museum projects. Christophe runs labs in New York City and Berlin. In 2018, he signed a collaboration agreement with Rohto Pharmaceuticals where he works out of their Tokyo perfume BélAir Lab facility as chief perfumer.

In ambient scenting, he has designed refined scent sculptures for major hotels and retailers around the world including Armani, Azul-Japan, Bliss, Bucherer, Dom Perignon, Everlane, Fairmont Hotels, Canada Goose, Grand Hyatt, Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, Mercedes-Han Sung, New Balance, Oliviers&Co and The Pierre Hotel NYC. Some of his creations have been officially entered in collections such as the International Perfumery Museum in Grasse (nine scents), Harvard University (five scents), the Cleveland Museum of Art (two scents) and The Rubin Museum NYC (six scents). He created and scent-jockeyed the thirty-three scents for the scent opera “Green Aria” at the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao and, with colleague Christoph Hornetz and late Thierry Mugler, the fifteen scents for the book and movie “Perfume, the Story of a Murderer” (Sueskind/Tykwer). He is represented by Mianki Gallery in Berlin.

To note are also his Air Sculpture® designs for the WEF in Davos, an Elton John candle and a Jason Wu Orchid Rain candle, Orchidelirium EdP for the Royal Botanical Gardens (London) and an olfactory retrospective (1957-2012) at the EU Parliament (Brussels). He exhibited two self-rotating scents for the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Biennale, two “Opium” scents at the Culture Museum in Basel and five scent sculptures inside the US Pavilion for a Venice Architecture Biennale.

Always a vocal defender of perfume quality and ethics, he has given over 150 speeches and lectures at scientific congresses, top universities and political institutions. He has launched and regularly promotes transparency in perfumery including with an award winning article here and extensive write-ups here. He likes to contribute chapters to reference books to encourage academic perfume education and co-invented several patented scent technologies for companies with whom he has worked (Procter & Gamble, IFF, Vapor Communication). He has utilized a total of thirty0fuve different scent technologies along his career, often designing or building devices himself. For the first time in modern history, he allowed full publication of a complete fine fragrance formula by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) for educational and artistic purposes. He is known for his avant-garde work, establishing a trail of signature, high-end and surprising fragrances of all kinds.