How to smell

Christophe Laudamiel and Raymond Matts

explain how to better smell fragrances on skin

smell fragrances on skin
Christophe Laudamiel
One Zero One

Learn how Les Christophs work in a lab and create

a custom scent with all kinds of personalities.

Humiecki & Graef - Bosque

Winner of the Association TRENDS 2013 All-Media Contest,

in the category EDUCATION, at the 35th Salute in Association Excellence,

Washington DC, Feb 2014 among 470 other associations.

Perception of Poverty

A project supported by DreamAir with creations by Christophe Laudamiel

for Master’s thesis of Fine Arts “Perception of Poverty: Promoting Social Responsibility

through Multi-Sensory Integration” by Daniel R. Skrok, Rochester Institute of Technology,

Computer Graphics Design MFA Program, School of Design, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, 2012,

featuring Air Sculpture® scents Fresh Bread 4, Moldy Bread 13, Laundry Cleaner 1, Past 2,

Blue Sky 101,Urbanracing 3. Click for more information on: 

Talk by Christophe Laudamiel on the Future of Perfume Design

(The 5th Sense in the News) An interesting talk by perfumer Christophe Laudamiel entitled

“Design for the Invisible” about orientations he sees for the future of perfumery defined

very broadly as the art that hasto do with olfaction in general not just fine fragrances

as he is quick to point out. For example, he says he would love “to see a scent curator

be hired by MOMA to curate perfume installations and keep up to date with what is going

on in the world in this field. Watch his lecture given at MOMA in April 2008 as part

of the conference Mind 08, courtesy of Seed Magazine

Perfuming 'Perfume'

Perfuming ‘Perfume’

The Making of a Fragrance. An academic study by Bern University,

Switzerland, funded by the Swiss National Foundation.

Lonely Samurai

What is the language of scent? Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel

and artist Sean Raspet chat with Anicka Yi about our limited olfactive

vocabulary and how to expand it.